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Hello from Kama - house for you !

The main direction of the company "Kama-house" are the construction, building of a modern and comfortable wooden cottages, houses and baths. We work in Perm and the Perm region (Russian), and other regions of the Russian Federation.
Construction is our work that we carry out with all the responsibility and just in time. Services of an honest contractor!

Why should you trust low-rise construction for us?

We provide all services from installation of the Foundation to interior design. We do not refuse to perform any additional work. We fulfill all wishes of the customer.
Before starting work, we will show you pictures of work, help with choosing a project, using a comprehensive approach. We will consider all your wishes. And if you are satisfied, we will start to work.
We can offer good prices and always free professional advice.
With us you do not have to be a professional. You can absolutely nothing to understand in construction , and in any case you will get a good house or a bath. sauna. In our work we are constantly evolving, striving to do better, cheaper and faster.

We appreciate your time and the time of the Customer,

We constantly monitor the quality of works

- We build all year round. You can enjoy the house and we in any case will be finished, regardless of the coming cold weather.

What can we buildfor you:

Residential house or cottage, inexpensive cottage, turnkey. Andof course, bath, bathroom, sauna. If you want a garage. The materials we useare the following: shaped and planed timber; dry (drying chamber) timber, beam practically in all its varieties: simplecut, grooved, planed, peeled (polished), logs.

If you need constructionin the city of Perm, please write to usby email to contacts

We speak a little English but I think we can understand you...

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